Their “all Departments” Menu Only Includes Their 17 Most General Product Categories.

Fundamental Issues Of Seo For 2017

Home Depot is a prime example of this. Their “All Departments” menu only includes their 17 most general product categories. However, when you hover over each category, it expands to secondary options within that category Dental SEO for Dentists | Dental Online Marketing (and even tertiary options beyond that). With that menu appearing across every product and category page on the site, that internal linking value provides a noticeable ranking boost for Home Depot’s menu pages. Many webmasters think it’s okay to have product category pages that merely list the available products and are otherwise devoid of page content. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s not. Just listing products on a product category page provides almost no indication of what that page should rank for in Google. Crawlers like to see textual HTML content on a page to help understand what search results the page should appear in. Let’s look at an example from a big e-commerce player, lest you think this is an unusual strategy.

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